Bhind district of Chambal region is situated in the northern of the Madhya Pradesh state.Bhind is bounded by Agra, Jalon and Jhansi district of Uttar Pradesh to the north and the east, to the south by Datia, to the southeast by Gwalior and to the west by Morena. Bhind is known for its uneven ravines and also for very fertile and well drained land by the Chambal, Kali Sindh, Kunwari, Pahuj and Baisali rivers.
               Bhind city named to pay respect to mythological Hindu Saint Vibhandak Rishi, also called Bhindi Rishi. Bhind district is a old city and it present in many historical events. In Mahabharta period it is said that the region came under the reign of Chedi king Shishupal, relative of Lord Krishna. This area in different era ruled by different dynasties like Chandela, after them Rajawat   Rajput, then Chouhan. Some part of that area ruled by Narwarias in north and in the south ruled by Jat.



Chhatri Of Malhar Rao Holkar        

In Alampur, a small town of Bhind district, Maharani Ahilya Bai Holkar, the queen of Malhar Rao Holkar, king of Holkar state of Indore, built the chhatri in memory of Malhar Rao Holkar in 1766 A.D.  This chhatri built on the pattern of other chhatries of Holkar built in Indore, this chhatry is famous for its nice carving of floral and leaf patterns. This chhatri is perfect example of Maratha style of shikhardom and arch. The chhatri has a decorated pillared hall with fascinating paintings




Jain Temples at Barason         

  In Barason a small town of Bhind district situated 14 kms towards Mehganw road, the Jain temple of Lord Mahavira is situated. It is said that lord Mahavir visited that area during his journey after getting Kaivalya. The place is very holy place for Jain community.






\Fort of Ater             

  Ater a small town of Bhind district is situated 36 km west of the Bhind city. There is a fort of 17th century. The fort built by Rajput Bhadoria king Badan Singh, Maha Singh and Bakhat Singh in 1664 to1668 A.D. Main attraction of the fort are Khooni Darwaja, Badan Singh ka Mahal, Raja ka Bangla, Rani ka Bagla and Barah Khamba Mahal.





Fort of Gohad           

Gohad is sub divisional place of Bhind, is situated 50 km from Bhind City and 40 km from Gwalior city. The fort built by Jat king Maha Singh in 17th century. Now the fort is in ruined condition but Mahal is converted into many government offices. The Mahal is famous for its fine carving and the Kachahari Mahal is the fine example of Iranian art.





Vankhandeshwar Temple    

  the temple is near the Bhind city, it is said that the temple built by Chouhan king Prathviraj in 1175 A.D.s

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