Chanderi - a historical city

Chanderi a historical city is situated in district Ashoknagar of Madhya Pradesh. It is situated on 24’ 42’ north latitude and 78’11 east longitude .Chanderi is situated 40 km west from district Lalitpur of Uttar Pradesh and 65 km east from district head- quarter Ashoknagar .Lalitpur is the nearest railway station from where anyone can reach Chanderi by bus or by personal vehicle.

Chanderi is known for its historical events, beautiful architecture, natural beauty, religious harmony, cultural heritage and beautiful Chanderi Sari and textile.

Chanderi had long history from pre historic period to present. In Chanderi there gets many pre historic tools. In Mahabharata period Chanderi was known as Chedi state which ruled by Shish pal. In Buddha literature Chedi state was explained. That Chedi state is known in present as budi (old) Chanderi , which situated 18 km north from new Chanderi .

Present Chanderi was established by Parihar king Kirtipal in 10-11th century.

Historian Albaruni also described about importance of Chanderi in his book Tahiqik-A-Hind.

In Tuglaq dynasty Chanderi was developed as muslim army cantonment. Traveler Ibanbatuta also reached Chanderi . During the period of Malwa king Mahmud Shah Khilji & his son Gayasuddin Khilji Chanderi had golden period .

After Khilji period Chanderi ruled by Rajputas , Bundelas and after the first independence movement of 1857 Chanderi ruled by Scindhias (Gwalior state).

Bada Madrsa

This monument is a great & marvelous example of Islamic art & architecture in India .Its huge size , big baramdas, cutting of mehrabs and carving made its great structure .

Badalmahal Darwaja

Badalmahal Darwaja was built in 15th century , perhaps it is a memorial of any great moment .It is about 50 fits in length. Badalmahal Darwaja is known for its beautiful carving .

Battisi Bavdi

There are many ponds and tanks in Chanderi but Battisi Bavdi is special for its size & architectural character .These bavdi was built in1485 Ad by Sultan of malwa Gayasuddin .

Fort of Chanderi

Chanderi fort was initially fortified by Parihar King Kirtipal in 11th century. In present fort had ruined Nokhanda Mahal built by Bundela Raja Durjansingh and old maszid built in sultant period

Fort of Sirpur

Sirpur Palace is situated 5km north onwards Picchor road . It had built by Bundela King in 1655 Ad . The Palace is the example of simple Bundela style of architecture .

Jama Maszid

Jama Maszid is the finest example of fusion of hindu & muslim architecture .It was built in 15th century .

Kati Ghati

In south of Chanderi , a road & gate were built by cutting the local mountain . A road of 80 fit on height , 39 fit in width and 192 fit in length and a gate in the middle of this road were built by Jiman Kha in 14 Ad in subordination of Sultan of Malwa Gayasuddin Khilji.

Koushak Mahal

Kousak Mahal is a also great example of Afghani style of architecture . Geometry , equal division in different parts of building are its specialty . These palace was built by Sultan of Malwa Mahmud shah Khilji first on the occasion of victory of Jonpur .


A huge and beautiful museum also attracted the tourist . There are big collection of statues of Lords Jain, Shaiv, Vashnav , Budha religion and many ruined pieces of different dynasties and ages.

Roza of Shahjadi

These tomb is devoted to an unknown princess of any Sultan of Sultant period . It was between the period of 1420-35 Ad. This building is a great example of Islamic building architecture and strength.

Tombs of Nizamuddin'family

Tombs of Sufi sant Nizamuddin’family members
Famous Sufi sant Nizamuddin was belong to Chanderi .In Chanderi tombs of Nizamuddin ’s family members are suited , these tombs are known for finest and beautiful carving.

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