Madhya Pradesh - Heart of India

         Madhya Pradesh is situated in middle of the country, so it is often called the heart of India. Madhya Pradesh is known for their architectural and scenic beauty, the state is very rich in natural resources and nature gifted its natural wealth and beauty.

                 Madhya Pradesh has a subtropical climate. It has hot dry summer April to June, that followed by rainy season July to September and cool dry winter from October to February while remaining are autumn season.

                   Madhya Pradesh is the shelter of many rare spices and wildlife. There are 9 national parks namely- Bandhavgarh National Park, Kanha National Park, Satpura National Park, Sanjay National Park, Madhav National Park, Van-Vihar National Park, Mandla Plant Fossils National Park, Panna National Park and Pench National Park. Madhya Pradesh have many rivers like – Narmda, Chambal, Betwa, Tava , Sindh, Parvti etc.

                      Madhya Pradesh also known for its architectural values and monuments, there are found pre-historic sites, monuments of ancient time as well as medieval period. In Madhya Pradesh three sites have been declared ‘world heritage site’ by UNESCO, these are ‘the Khajuraho Group of Temples’, ‘Devi Jagdambi Temple, Buddhist Monument of Sanchi’, and ‘the Rock Shelter of Bhimbetka’.

                      There are many other historical sites in Madhya Pradesh, Gwalior,  Bhind,  Morena, Datia, Shivpuri, Chanderi, Orchha, Ujjain, Mandsour, Ratlam, Burahanpur, Maheshwar, Dhar, Mandu, Tikamgrah, Sanch,i Bhopa,l Vidisha, Raisen, Hoshagabad, Jabalpur, Rewa, Satna etc district and places have monuments of different periods.    

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